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About Impartation Chapel

About Impartation Chapel

Knowledge of the truth Ministries (Impartation Chapel) is commissioned by God to ‘Bring all men to God’s standard for mankind through the preaching and teaching of the knowledge of the truth with signs and wonders following’. Our context drives are:

  • Salvation of Souls; for many are perishing daily
  • Freedom for the oppressed; for they are crying in pains
  • Growth for the Children of God; for it is the pathway to inheritance
  • Eternity for all therein; for it is the ultimate goal in it all.

This Ministry profess that the Mystery of life is beyond Science and technology and that human natural sense are dismal to handle the crux or bane of life exhaustively. God the Author and Saviour of life must be sought and worshipped in Truth and Spirit for the full expression and manifestation of the Manufacturer’s intent for life and human race. All it takes to have root in the Salvation and Redemption of mankind through Jesus Christ our Lord and Saviour by announcing the Kingdom of God.

The preaching and teaching of the word of truth via an easy-to-catch power packed messages is transforming lives daily and they are channeled through the various worship services, Seminars, Radio and Television ministry and other Publicity outfits.

The unprecedented gracious Hand of God upon this Ministry is manifest beyond the shore of Kogi State. This transparent impact of the grace of God has made the Church one of the largest and fastest growing Christian centres in Kogi State with network of branches.

Through the Apostolic unction on the Visionier, Pastor (Dr.) Joshua Omada and a host of other men of God in the Ministry, restoration of hope to the depressed, healing to the Sick and afflicted, character rehabilitation and remoulding, deliverances for the oppressed, strategic godly economic empowerment, enhancement of God ordained destiny, reconciliation in homes and marriages, introduction and sustenance of practical peace in homes and families; amidst many such manifestation of the grace of God occur on daily basses in this commission.

Mission support services are actively and effectively carried out for the purpose of various Community development, extension of right hand of fellowship and assistance to Rural Churches, relief packages to Orphans and Widows, preaching and encouragement to inmates in various prison yards, helping the poor and needy generally – that the gospel of the Kingdom of God which is bringing good news to all might be spread abroad. Mysterious plaques defying natural explanations in several Communities have bowed their knees to God’s power through this Ministry. Prophetic predictions from God through the General Overseer for our Nation, States, Communities and Individuals have in wonderful ways been fulfilled to the glory of God. The practice of Purity (Holiness) and Righteousness capable of purging and cleansing any individual and society has become a crux or bane of many of the Ministry’s propelling force.